The Technology Summit – New Delhi (29-30 0ctober)

Last week it took place The Technology Summit in New Delhi (29-30 0ctober). The Summit was organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry, in cooperation with the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology and, on the part of Italy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Italian trade agency ICE and Confindustria.

The Italian delegation comprised internationally known scientists and representatives from the world of academia and research centers besides 60 firms, including Techniconsult, testified to the excellence of the country in the technological field.

Scientists, researchers and innovators from the two Countries had exchanged views on many sectors: Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Healthcare, ICT, Aerospace, Environmental Technologies, Renewable Energy Sources, Restoration and Higher Education.

Italian Prime Minister, Prof. Giuseppe Conte and the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, have spoken at the Summit’s closing session.

It was a magnificent opportunity to meet and listen scientists of enormous fame and to know the most advanced research in these technological fields.

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