The Key Role of the Process Architect in Integrated Design in the Pharmaceutical Sector

10 October 2023

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This article discusses the importance of the professional known as the Process Architect during all project phases.

In recent years, structured engineering companies have introduced the role of the Process Architect to meet the design needs of pharmaceutical production facilities, characterized by complex technological requirements and GMP regulations.

Process Architects have a comprehensive view of the project and play a crucial role in integrating various systems involved during the design phase (process, mechanical systems, and electrical systems) from the early stages of the project. This helps to avoid costly redesigns in later stages and optimizes coordination between different disciplines.

In summary, the article provides a broad overview of the benefits of having a figure with the role of Process Architect, examining in detail their responsibilities, role based on project phases, challenges, and strategies to address the complex needs of this industry.

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Donato De Vivo

Project Engineer & Process Architect