Project Management

Competences and capabilities

Techniconsult has an in-house team of Project Managers with decades of experience in the Life Sciences field, who manage the project to guarantee a high quality standard, with achievement of the set targets in terms of times and costs.

Planning, monitoring and control

Project Management activities include:

  • Guaranteeing that the Team understands the Customer’s information, comments and requirements and applies them correctly in the Project’s execution
  • Guaranteeing that the resources and skills are adequate for the correct implementation of the project as planned
  • Informing the Customer of any event which may imply a delay in completion of the project and defining a plan of corrective actions
  • Organising and leading the Team

Effective management

In addition, the Project Manager:

  • Will identify and actively mitigate the project’s risks
  • Will coordinate the team for the achievement of the objectives, calling in sector specialists when required to provide support, answers and explanations regarding the project, and will oversee the follow-up during its development when necessary
  • Will manage and lead value engineering during the project’s development

The Project Manager will liaise continually with the Customer’s Project Manager for complete, integrated control of the project.

We apply flexible but orderly management for the correct achievement of objectives