Plant reliability

Tecma is specialised in the maintenance and operation of complex, state-of-the-art plants. This service comprises continual monitoring and analysis of anomalies and critical points of the various plants, to ensure theirreliability and prevent failures, maintain high energy efficiency, maximise or extend working lifetime and provide in-depth management of all plant stoppages to optimise procedures and minimise times.

Maintenance activities:

  • Routine and unplanned maintenance,
  • management of production plant stoppages
  • Specialised maintenance of single service and process systems
  • Complete maintenance by categories of systems
  • Global service for production units
  • Facility management and maintenance plans

Systems which may be covered by the global service contract:

  • Electrical systems and transformer boxes
  • Hydraulic and aeraulic systems: ATUs, LAFs, chemical and biohazard fume hoods
  • GMP utilities areas: PW, WFI, pure steam, compressed air and nitrogen
  • Non-GMP areas: heating and cooling systems, fan-coils, water treatment systems and firefighting
    pump units

Services covered by the global service contract

  • Qualification and validation (periodic)
  • Planned maintenance
  • Production plant operation
  • Corrective maintenance with management, compilation and filing of documentation for GMP and non-GMP systems
  • On-call service