New visual identity for Techniconsult Group

Nuovo Logo Techniconsult Group

29 November 2022

New visual identity for Techniconsult Group: synergy, flexibility and sharing.

Firenze, 29 November 2022 – Techniconsult Firenze, TecmaandAQE, presented their new group visual identity today.

We are currently experiencing constant change and growth, not only in terms of economic figures and workforce, but also with regard to the size of the projects managed,”. – declared Rosario Lo Presti, Founding Partner and Sales & Marketing Director of Techniconsult Group – “Therefore, we need to expand and integrate our range of competences by growing our team, developing new business units, creating new companies and entering into strategic commercial agreements with other, complementary organisations in the industry, to guarantee a complete service”.

This is the thinking behind the birth of Techniconsult Group, a single organisation that offers its thirty years of experience in the Life Sciences industry for the design, construction and maintenance of more and more innovative and efficient plants, to make the planet and people’s lives more and more sustainable.

Our new visual identity reflects our determination to tell the outside world about our identity as a set of companies that operate in synergy through a flexible approach based on the continual exchange of shared ideas” stated Anna Benedé Suarez, Marketing Manager of Techniconsult Group.


The newlogo represents the Group’s value set:

The tagline derives from the synergy generated by the three companies, Techniconsult Firenze, Tecma and A.Q.E, which enables the company to deliver a complete, integrated service with a high degree of specialisation in the Life Sciences industry, the source of 90% of the total value of production.


tagline Logo Techniconsult Group

A symbol that represents a positive, with different businesses uniting to support their customers in all areas, throughout all phases of the plant’s lifecycle.


The gentle curves embody the Group’s working approach, with flexibility a key value, enabling it to respond to Customers’ needs and supporting lasting relationships.


tagline - Logo Techniconsult Group

To conclude, the animation encapsulates two fundamental concepts: the importance of ensuring staffs’ commitment to the company, with the sharing of ideas and solutions; and their ability to put its Customers’ ideas into practice.


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