Fast object prototyping service with FDM technology.

The 3D printer service helps improve performance during the design phase by making it possible to physically analyse customised solutions.

A further advantage of fast prototyping is the possibility of integrating the design phase with a fluid dynamic analysis of the component.


With the 3d printing service, it is possible to make more prototypes of a component with more complex shapes.

Mock up

Construction of a high precision three dimensional model.

Overall dimensions

Realistic simulation of the proportions among the different elements and spaces.

End result

Detailed presentation of the end result of the design activities.

Functional prototypes

Creating functioning models.

Technical features of 3D PRINTING

The printing is based on FFF technology and capable of printing objects with 0.3 to 0.005 millimetres thick layers,  with high grade surface finish.

FFF technology is particularly interesting when dealing with an additive process and non-subtractive material, as happens in the chip removing method, with the resulting savings of wast-ed materials. It is also possible to make hollow pieces, which is an impossible task for traditional processing technologies.
TECHNICONSULT is able to print very complex objects, as the machine has a calibrated double extruder that enables using soluble support material and avoid damaging the piece during the removal phase. The double extruder enables multicolour printing without having to replace the filament during the processing phase.

The printer is equipped with a heated floor and casing protection, so that it is possible to use a large range of materials, even those most subject to thermal retraction.

Among the available materials are: PLA, PLA Flex, ABS, Smart ABS, Nylon, Nylon-Carbon, TPU, HIPS, PVA.

Every material has its own peculiarities regarding ecology, mechanical, and heat resistance, consequently the choice is governed by the final purpose of the piece being made.

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Via Carlo del Greco, 25/A

North Italy Branch
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Fax +39 0554555660

e-mail: info@tcfirenze.com
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