A Techniconsult group company

The corporation is dedicated to building plants and
maintenance in the industrial and service sectors.

In July 2016 TECHNICONSULT began working in the sector for building technological plants and maintenance through the new TeCMA Corporation. Over 30 people have been assigned to building and maintaining mechanical plants, processes, clean utilities, special electric installations and automation.
TeCMA, has a freestanding technical structure, and can work independently in the field of building and maintaining industrial and civil plants.

Fundamental objectives

The constant monitoring and analysis of deviations and critical points in several plans is supported by maintenance management systems, which when applied contribute to meeting certain fundamental objectives, such as:

  • ensuring plant reliability and preventing failures;
  • sustaining high energy performance;
  • maximising the working life and ultimately extend it for longer than initially planned.


From this standpoint the range of services offered comprises:

  • Specialised maintenance in unique service and processing plants
  • Full maintenance by plant categories
  • Global Service for production units

Each TeCMA has signed a five year Global Service for maintaining civil
and industrial installations covering over 65,000 square meters.

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