About us

Tecma S.r.l, 100% owned by Techniconsult Firenze S.r.l, was established in July 2016 through the acquisition and merger of two different companies:
– G. Balloni S.r.l., a business specialising in the mechanical and hydraulic sector
– and the division of Ditta Conti S.r.l. specialising in special electrical systems.

An organisation dedicated to the rconstruction and maintenance of industrial systems, also offering General Contracting services.

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Construction & Maintenance

Tecma is able both to operate as contractorfor single categories of jobs and to supply systems on a turnkeybasis, to designs supplied by Techniconsult or other engineering firms.

What’s more, Tecma has an in-house department and team specialising in the maintenance and operation of complex, state-of-the-art plants, with a high degree of expertise in GMP.


Tecma is a dynamic, flexible company founded in 2016, which bases its competences on its directors’ and workforce’s thirty years of experience serving the top pharmaceutical corporations.

As well as its General Contracting operations, Tecma handles the installation, start-up and maintenance of technological and industrial systems including:

  • HVAC
  • Non-sanitary piping
  • Clean utilities
  • Electrical and special systems

Synergy and integration

The integration of competences and activities amongst the group’s Companies ensures a fluid, effective workflow running from design through construction, commissioning and certification, to operation and routine maintenance.


Quality Policy

Techniconsult Firenze S.r.l Benefit Corporation and Tecma S.r.l Unipersonale Benefit Corporation formally set out the actions and strategies the organisation has adopted for the achievement of its quality objectives in the “Quality Policy” document.

Download the document.