About us

Designing plants and solutions since 1987

Foundation of Ingegneri Associati

Techniconsult originated as Ingegneri Associati, a pharmaceutical engineering business which also undertook major projects in microelectronics and civil/infrastructure engineering.

Techniconsult Firenze S.r.l

Foundation of Techniconsult Firenze, a company established by the three partners in Ingegneri Associati. The core business is the design of pharmaceutical plants.

New business unit: C&Q

Techniconsult extends its area of operations to include validation and management of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and QA/QC (Quality Assurance and Quality Control) issues.


Techniconsult is one of the first in its sector in Italy to achieve ISO 9001 certification, to be followed by Vision 2000.

New construction department

Creation of the Construction Division, for the creation of turnkey pharmaceutical facilities.

Office expansion

Opening of the new Techniconsult headquarters on via Carlo Del Greco in Florence: more than 600 square metres on two floors.

Use of innovative services

Techniconsult introduces the use of innovative design methods such as BIM (Building Information Modelling), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and Building Energy Modelling, using completely in-house skills and infrastructures.

New company: Tecma

The Techniconsult group is born through the creation of Tecma S.r.l, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Techniconsult dedicated to the construction and maintenance of industrial and service-sector plants.

New business unit: process engineering

Opening of a new office in Pavia with a team specialising in process engineering.

New company: A.Q.E S.r.l

Creation of a new company 50% owned by Tecma S.r.l., which offers automation engineering and Computer System Validation (CSV) services.

Techniconsult Group today

Today, the group is experiencing constant change and growth, not only in terms of economic figures and workforce, but also with regard to the size of the projects managed, with larger and larger contracts (>150 million Euros)