Consistently high quality standards maintained in every phase of the work project.

TECHNICONSULT works with a quality system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001

The certification defines the requirements that a management system must meet to ensure the quality of its processes.


In TECHNICONSULT the certification is applied to the processes indicated within sector EA:34

  • engineering services;
  • works management;
  • controlling civil and industrial works construction;
  • commissioning and validating industrial plants;
  • process systems and equipment.

How is it applied

TECHNICONSULT is committed to the development and maintenance of its quality system in from a Total Quality Management perspective.

  • INFORMATION: each person is aware of their responsibilities and areas of expertise.
  • EDUCATION AND TRAINING: each person knows the correct way to carry out each action.
  • AVAILABILITY OF RESOURCES AND EQUIPMENT: each person has the skills to use the instruments and technologies that will be used in each project phase.

Quality at every level

Maintaining high quality standards at every process stage makes it possible for each one involved to attain value.

  • OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Working with the goal of satisfying the customer at all times
  • OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION Working together to create a satisfying environment for personnel
  • OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER VALUE Working to create real value for the customer

dnv_nuovo_9001_2qualita-downloadCERTIFIED QUALITY SYSTEM UNI EN ISO 9001:2015- DOWNLOAD PDF CERTIFICATE:

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