Quality and innovation are our mission

Satisfying the customer and personnel to guarantee results.




Our experience in the pharmaceutical sector gives TECHNICONSULT an important added value: maintaining strict and high safety standards for developing the plant’s layout, individualising materials and staff flow, verifying compliance with European cGMP and FDA requirements.

As an integral part of its service, TECHNICONSULT maintains close contact with its customers and guarantees the best solutions in terms of customer satisfaction and cost/time ratio.

and reliability

TECHNICONSULT was one of the first Italian engineering companies to obtain the certification of its own quality system.

Consequently it dedicates its best resources to:

  1. the control process in each project, development, and manufacturing phase.
  2. the method of evaluating and qualifying the suppliers.

Innovation, upgrading and improvement

TECHNICONSULT fosters continuous technical and regulatory improvement of its personnel, and innovation of its proprietary design and work instruments.

Continuous improvement is achieved by, TECHNICONSULT management personnel actively participate in work groups pertaining to scientific associations and national as well as international regulatory agencies.

This makes it possible for TECHNICONSULT to:

  • offer a more effective and efficient service to each customer.
  • anticipate future technical and industrial trends.

Customer Satisfaction

At TECHNICONSULT customer satisfaction is one of the basic parameters for assessing the quality of its services and production processes.

The following elements are used to determinate our customer’s ultimate satisfaction:

  • on-time service;
  • courtesy and competency exercised by personnel while working;
  • efficiency of the entire supply process;
  • compliance of the delivered product with the contracted undertakings and the resulting expectations of the customer.

Satisfaction of our Personnel

To ensure our business goals are attained in terms of efficiency and quality, personnel satisfaction is considered the basic and indispensable requirement at TECHNICONSULT.

To this end, for years TECHNICONSULT has been working on two levels:

  1. assessment program which obtains  clear and useful information on the elements that indicate personnel satisfaction, information which can then be used to focus personal improvement plans;
  2. a professional development path for cultivating individual skills and the potential of each work group.

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North Italy Branch
Viale della Libertà n° 22
27100 PAVIA

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e-mail: info@tcfirenze.com

Techniconsult Firenze S.r.l.

Via Carlo del Greco, 25/A

North Italy Branch
Viale della Libertà n° 22
27100 PAVIA

Tel. +39 055455561
Fax +39 0554555660

e-mail: info@tcfirenze.com
e-mail: techniconsult@pec.it

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