Nowadays, problematics concerning the study of fluid dynamics are becoming a key factor of a successful project. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) plays a major role in this scenario, due to the high confidence levels needed during the design phase.

The possibility to have high computing power to an affordable price, makes numerical simulations a reliable and efficient tool with reasonable waiting time for results.

For the majority of applications CFD supports and helps the standard experimental approach, with noticeable advantages in terms of saving time and money.

TECHNICONSULT has a long time experience in providing CFD simulations for several applications, including:

  • Clean rooms fluid dynamics analysis;
  • Process machines fluid dynamics analysis;
  • Stirred tanks / mixing tanks fluid dynamics analysis;
  • Thermo-fluid dynamics analysis of temperature-controlled warehouses;
  • Design and optimization of air diffusers.

In our experience CFD has become a great partner as a guide to the design phase and a troubleshooting tool for finding and solving existing systems problems: in the pharmaceutical industry field, we can make the examples of a failed smoke study, or room cleanliness problem solving.

So…. Keep in touch!! We’ll provide soon several real cases applications on this channel!!

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